software to sort photos and create slideshow

SlideshowSelector is a software to sort your photos by adding attributes. You can then create a slideshow by searching among all your photos. Sort photos, create slideshow

SlideshowSelector work on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

The demo version only limits the number of photos you can import during a search (5)

Sort your photos

Sort your photos, select who, where, what and add star number

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Make a request from all to find what you want

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enter slideshow properties and enjoy

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The photos multiply inside our hard drives, it quickly becomes difficult to find those which interests us. This is the main goal of the SlideShohSelector software: you can sort your photos by adding attributes (who, what, or ...). Then you just have to choose among its attributes those that correspond to your needs and the software searches among all your photos that correspond to your criteria. You can enjoy the result of this search directly as a slideshow. You can also copy the photos to another folder.

Imagine: tonight I want to see all the beautiful smiles of my little girl, until 5 years ... and instantly the slideshow is launched before your eyes!

Sort your photos


Select a directory with yours photos, and software :

  • import preview (low definition) for each photo
  • import and show current photo
  • import other nearby images, to optimize futur rendering. This process is usefull when you work on a distant folder with wifi connection for example. Nearby quantity is modifiable


For each photos you can :

  • Add comment
  • Tag who is present
  • Tag where it is
  • Tag event
  • Tag action
  • Precise a rotation
  • choice a star level (between 0 to 5)

all these informations are automatically saved



Precise your request : select who, where, when ... filter with star level, a min and max date... Software research betwenn all yous photos maching result.



Select timing duration between each photos and enjoy result directly in a slideshow


Copy the result of your request to another using

Slideshow selector is a software for windows plateform, optimized to be fast, useful, with a litte price. A demo version will be available soon